Name: Buddy    Age: 8 yrs and 8 mths    Area: London

Buddy is an eight year old Staffordshire Bull Terrie from Battersea Dog and Cats Home.
He may only have three legs but that doesn’t stop him trying to jump on your lap for cuddles. He will need to go to a home where the children are no younger than 13 and no other dogs or cats in the house. Buddy will need a private garden too.


Contact details

Home: Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

Looking For:
A home with a private garden and children over 13 with no other cats or dogs at the home 

Phone: 0843 509 4444


Name: Radish    Age: 8 (Aprox)    Area: West Midlands

Radish is terrier cross, from Ruff Luck Rescue in the West Midlands and is around 8 years old. He’s a very happy chappy who loves a fuss and is good with other dogs and children, but doesn’t mix well with cats. He needs to find an owner who has lots of time to love him as he suffers from separation anxiety, and barks a lot when he’s left on his own.


Contact details


Looking For: A cat free home with someone who has lots of time for him.


Phone: 01827 712812


Name: Chappy    Age: 18 months    Area: Cambridge

Chappy’s an 18 month old whippet cross from the Ravenswood Rescue Centre in Cambridge.
Chappy was a stray but is a very gentle dog.  He loves walks, eating and cuddles and is good with other dogs.
He’s looking for a home with someone who enjoys walking and would give him lots of love. If you have children, he’s best suited to youngsters over 5 years old.


Contact details


Looking For: An active home with children over 5 years old.

Phone: 08445 555987


Name: Bucko    Age: 8 years old   Area: Surrey

Bucko an 8 year old terrier from the Many Tears Rescue Centre in Surrey. Sadly Bucko’s owner passed away and he’s been left homeless.  He’s a really friendly, slightly portly boy, who’s good with other dogs. He’s very charming but is sad to have found himself in kennels and would suit a family with children of any age.


Contact details


Looking For: A loving home, possibly with other dogs.



Phone: 01269 843 084


Name: Meenie & Mo    Age: 9 weeks    Area: Kent

Meenie and her brother Mo are 9 week old Jack Russell/Chihuahua crosses. They were born at Foal Farm Rescue Centre in Kent, and are very quiet because of their age but are expected to get much livelier as they get older. They could be re-homed together or separately. Both need a home with people who have time to raise a puppy, and because of their size they would be best suited with children over 10 years old.


Contact details


Looking For: People who have time for a puppy and children over 10.


Phone: 01956 572386

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